The Shoe Series – Baby Shoes


Baby shoes are essential for warmth and protection of children. Good quality shoes not only assist the baby to adopt a proper gait, but also help shape their feet arch.

Baby footwear encourage walking during the child’s developmental stage. Each stage is highly important. Baby’s feet best develop when the child passes through every stage.

Also, development varies from one infant to another. You can’t put it entirely on the baby shoes. This type of footwear stimulates the cerebrum, developing the overall physical abilities of the child.

Guidelines for Babies

When shopping for baby shoes for your child, use the below mentioned guidelines:-

Ensure that the shoe fits. Shoes which are too large make your child fall and trip. Very small shoes are painful to wear and cause sores.

Purchase baby footwear which protect the feet. You don’t require special features such as high tops, inserts, arches or wedges till it is recommended by your baby.

Look for the best value. Babies grow quickly and you may need to outgrow the shoes many times a year. Regularly check your feet and avoid hand-me-down shoes.

Baby’s toes are special and are made of 70 % cartilage. The foot tapers towards the heel and is thick, while the small toe and big toe come out, giving a fan like appearance. Baby’s feet are really more like adult’s hand, thanks to the wide span of its flexible toes. This makes baby shoes vital for the child.

How to Select Baby Footwear

Babies get bruised quickly. Hence, it is important to select good baby footwear. For baby-specific shoes, seek help from your family pediatrician. Prefer cushioned and plastic shoes if you plan to purchase all by yourself.

Purchase baby shoes by visiting online sites or from your nearest stores. Seek guidance from those who have already had babies. Remember – baby shoes play a vital role in baby care. Don’t avoid it.


Article Source: The Shoe Series – Baby Shoes