Soft-Soled Baby Shoes For Better Foot Development


Baby shoes are supposed to offer some form of comfort for growing little feet. Shoes are such great accessories that many parents often find a child’s outfit incomplete without one.

For several years, our ancestors have used hard-soled shoes for growing babies. Podiatrists and pediatricians alike have once thought that using hard-soled shoes enabled walking support for growing feet. It comes as no surprise then that kids and babies alike resisted the idea of shoe shopping like the plague. Wearing hard sold shoes was like having your feet bound with constricting bandages.

Lucky for parents, podiatrists are changing their views on wearing hard-soled shoes. Podiatrists now believe that soft soled shoes are the best way to go for infants learning how to walk outdoors. Babies and toddlers have different feet than adults because theirs are constantly growing and changing shape.

The right pair of baby shoes isn’t hard to find if you know what to look for. First off, you’re better off buying one shoe at a time. Babies grow at a tremendously fast pace so unless you plan to change 5 pairs of shoes on a monthly basis, then by all means, go ahead. However, if you’re like most parents- constantly on a budget for the practical things in life, then buying one pair of shoes at a time is highly recommended.

As your baby learns how to crawl, buy soft-soled baby shoes with elastic ankles. The elastic ankles are a great feature of many soft-soled baby shoes as they allow maximum flexibility and comfort. The elastic ankles also have the added benefit of minimizing shoe disappearances.

There should be enough room for you little one’s toes to move around in- allow at list half an inch of space from your infant’s toes to the tip of the shoe. You can check this by pressing your thumb gently on the tip of the shoe. If you manage to press your thumb on the edge without hitting your baby’s toes, then the shoe fits! Another tip is to go for soft-soled baby shoes that naturally bend where the foot arches. Try bending the shoe in half, if you manage to bend the shoe without breaking it then it is optimal.

Many podiatrists agree that going barefoot is highly recommended to ensure that baby’s feet reach their full length. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t room for barefoot kiddies outdoors. Many establishments do not allow children to enter their doors without shoes on.


Article Source: Soft-Soled Baby Shoes For Better Foot Development

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