Growing Up and Growing Out of Baby Shoes


It is amazing what mothers find themselves getting sentimental about. My daughter recently outgrew her first pair of baby shoes. I used to put her in those shoes nearly everyday, because they looked cute and I could count on her little toes staying warm. Now that she has grown out of them, I find myself not ready to throw them in the trash. Then I heard of some ideas of ways to preserve the baby shoes so that I could keep them around and continue to enjoy them. If you find yourself not ready to get rid of your baby’s shoes, I recommend you try one of the following.

One thing that I thought was a really cute idea was to get the baby shoes bronzed. You know how sometimes you see bronzed baby shoes used as decoration to symbolize someone’s appreciation for the babies in their life? Well you can also have bronzed baby shoes, only they will be truly unique and special to you because they are your baby’s first pair. What you need to do is find a company that does this sort of thing. The easiest way to find a company is to search online. Since there may not be a place locally, you may need to send out the shoes to the company and have them sent back when they finish. Then you can use the shoes to decorate your baby’s room or you may even decide to put them away to present as a gift to your child when they have their own baby someday.

Another great idea for preserving those adorable baby shoes is to have them displayed in a shadow box. You can find cute looking shadow boxes at nearly any craft store. You may prefer to find one that is unfinished, so that you can paint it and decorate it to match the nursery. Then you can put the baby shoes by themselves in the shadow box and hang it up or you could collect your favorite baby items that you want to save and arrange them nicely in the shadow box.

An idea that I thought was really unique was to create a time capsule. This is where you find some type of container and fill it with your favorite baby items that you can no longer use. You may even want to get newspaper clippings or other things that show the date and include them in the time capsule. If you have a container that you used for your baby, you may consider putting everything in that. Then, you put the container away in a safe place and wait to present it to your child on either their wedding day or when they are getting ready to have a baby of their own.

There are so many wonderful ways to preserve those cute baby shoes. So rather than tossing them in the garbage, consider getting creative with your own way to care for them.


Article Source: Growing Up and Growing Out of Baby Shoes