Baby Shoes – Keeping Them Clean


Many people think that baby shoes don’t need to be cleaned since they hardly do a reasonable amount of walking. In fact, babies’ feet are very sensitive to harmful substances and germs that may be present in the shoes. These substances could be pieces of food that have somehow made their way into the shoes and there could be bacteria as well. They also might have picked up dirt from any surfaces that they may have been on whilst playing. For example, if they were playing where there were cats or dogs, the shoes might have picked up some hairs, etc.

For mainly hygienic reasons, their shoes must be washed frequently. They must also be dried thoroughly so that they are not damp when worn next. Damp shoes can harbor mold and other such things. Washing and drying instructions are usually provided on the shoes or on tags attached to the shoes and these must be carefully followed. Different brands of shoes have different requirements for washing based on the materials used. If the instructions are not followed, the colors might run or the detergent used might affect the physical appearance of the shoes. If the instructions are followed, the shoes can last longer.

An important factor in caring for these shoes is choosing the right laundry detergent. There are a variety of detergents ranging from chemical based to Eco-friendly detergents. It is preferable to use the one that has the least chemical. If the shoes are soiled by mud or other substances, you can soak them in some warm water first. Check first to see if the shoes can be soaked. If they cannot be submerged in water, follow the instructions carefully on how to remove substances stuck to the shoes. Typically a damp rag scrubbed on to the surface should be sufficient to dislodge the substance. Or you could use a soft brush. If you can wash the shoes, it is important to dry them completely.

Detergents should be rinsed out completely as residues can cause irritation or an adverse reaction on your baby’s sensitive skin. Natural ingredients in laundry detergents usually produce less reaction when exposed to skin but since a baby’s skin is sensitive, it could cause some reactions. Damp shoes also should not be worn by children as these shoes can have mold growing on them.

Many shoes for babies cost a lot and it would be a shame if they are ruined after the first washing. So following instructions for washing is important for this reason as well. If the shoes become misshapen, then it will also be uncomfortable for your child to wear. They may not be able to tell you themselves why it is uncomfortable and therefore you must be aware of these things. Shoes that are out of shape can also cause your child to trip and fall because of their unevenness.

Choosing shoes for your babies carefully is very important but it is also important to know how to take care of those shoes. Choose shoes that have clear instructions on them so that you know what to do. If these instructions are followed, these shoes will last as long as they fit your baby.


Article Source: Baby Shoes – Keeping Them Clean